Everything began long time ago, in 1967...

From Catania to the heart of Italy… A half-century journey.


The Dawn

Catania, June 30th, 1939. While the city was about to experience the II World War and a massive bombing that changed it forever, Angelo Pennisi was born, the first of seven siblings. Angelo was raised in the typical Sicilian family, where everyone must assist the family’s livelihood. That is why Angelo, only 7 years old, worked as a coffee carrier in the Bellini Theater. As the years passed, Angelo gathered his experiences in the best pastry laboratories, including the renowned Swiss pastry Caviezel and the equally famous Menza, where he learned “visual theft” the complicated art of pastry in every form.


Summer ’63. During a hot and sunny Sicilian Sunday, Angelo met Vanda, a young lady from Palestrina (Rome) who was spending her holiday in Sicily. She was going to be the love of Angelo’s life. In the beginning the young couple experienced how a long distance relationship can be challenging. Then finally Vanda moved to Sicily and two children were born: Maria Grazia and Salvatore. Vanda was missing her hometown. It was 1966 and they decided to leave Sicily and move to Palestrina.


Palestrina is a delightful town just outside Rome and Angelo didn’t take long to fit in. January 17th 1967. Palestrina celebrates the traditional celebration of Saint Antonio and Angelo’s second working life officially began: in Piazza della Pesa, located in the old town, he launched his Sicilian Pastry shop. It was a hit: locals appreciated and enjoyed the innovative ideas of the young Sicilian pastry chef. Angelo created a mix of the best flavors from the south and the center of Italy.

The Breakthrough

In the early 80, Angelo bought a piece of land just outside the town. With a little bit of luck (he won a football lottery) he managed to raise a new big pastry shop, welcoming many new clients from Rome to enjoy the delicious creation of the Sicilian pastry chef. The Pennisi Pastry Shop was officially inaugurated in 1982.


Pennisi has become the turning point for all the local people in the area. The pastry shop is now considered one of the historical local spots. The second and the third generation’s management launched Pennisi pastry shop in the international market: today, the online shop sends products worldwide.
The croissants are exceptional, your unique cream! Even at home you are always the top! Federica
Best coffee and wide range of croissants, cakes and desserts. Everything is fresh and made with passion! Claudia
Fresh products, best quality ingredients and kindness by the staff! Erminia

Pennisi Team

Rosaria Pennisi

Angelo Pennisi’s daughter. She learned pastry techniques from a young age. Today Rosaria leads the shop with passion and honor and manages the laboratory and the team itself.

Salvatore Pennisi

Angelo Pennisi’s son. Salvatore is a tireless worker, he takes care of the pastry’s basis. With times, he and Rosaria began a great time that proudly brings the family’s pastry tradition.

Francesco De Moro

Francesco Pennisi’s grandson. He has been the shop ambassador since early ages. He represents the third generation of the Pennisi family. Today, Francesco manages the branding and market position of the shop.


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